You Wear A Water Ghost To Force Him To Wear A Water Ghost Block Bullet

@ HODINKEE wrote yesterday: a watch, the body is the body, and the movement is the meat; when it works, it is a soul-mate. This partner will not only witness the moment and show your personality for you, but also save your life in critical moments. Rest assured, this is not a bragging text of the running table, and the protagonist of this article is not Rolex, but the following three: 1. US Marine Lieutenant-Barry Jones; 2. His paramedic-Lori Lorrie McLaughlin; 3, Tudor Submariner Ref. 7928 with Barry on the Vietnam War. Battlefield Story In 1967, Barry spent $ 150 on a Tudor water ghost. For him, this is a suitable price list, equivalent to one-third of his monthly military budget, and has a similar configuration to Rolex. In August 1968, Barry carried out his mission in Da Nang. When he gave Colt 45 a good load, put a few grenades, and went forward against the bullet rain, he was unfortunately shot. There were three shots in the whole body, one leg, one side waist, and one shot on the wrist, the water ghost blocked him. The bullet hit the lugs unbiasedly. Under the instant impact and deformation, the raw ears popped out directly. When the paramedic Lori rushed to deal with the wound for Barry, the watch was no longer worn on his wrist, but hung. After picking up the water ghost for Barry, Lori asked how to dispose of the scrapped watch. He said, ‘Take it away for me.’ After the original owner withdrew from the battlefield and returned to the country, his comrades-in-arms began their new lives. It was not until last year that Barry and Lori re-established contact. For half a century, Lori has kept this water ghost safe with other memories. Finally, this heroic watch belongs to its owner. The day Barry received the watch from Lori was exactly 50 years ago when he took off his watch for him. The coincidence in the dark makes this bond-like water ghost more meaningful. And this life-and-death friendship is hard for ordinary people to empathize with. Tudor Water Ghost Ref.7928 Ref.7928 is a model after the ‘Big Crown’ Ref.7924. From 1959 to 1967, the model change cycle took eight years and shared many Rolex parts. It is the first Tudor watch with the introduction of crown guards, from square crown guards to pointed crown guards to round crown guards to dials without dials. There are 4 versions. Ref.7928 in the previous story is the ultimate version of Tudor Water Ghost. In earlier versions, the minute scale was printed inside the circle, while the scale of this watch extended to the edge, eliminating the word circle. -End- Reference: 1.JAMES STACEY-The Long Return: Two Men, Fifty Years, And The Tudor That Took A Bullet In Vietnam 2.Tudor History The Submariners: From 1954 to 1968