Zenith Becomes A Partner Of The Abidal Foundation

On April 22, Barcelona Gracia Center. The famous Swiss watchmaker Zenith announced a partnership with the Abidal Foundation. Abidal and his wife Heyette (Foundation Director) attended a press conference.

   Facing the fickleness of life, arouse passion and brave resistance, follow your inner desires, and chase the stars and dreams. Sports challenges, personal careers or lifelong dreams, no matter what they are called, a unique personal journey turns into the best lesson in life. Footballer Abidal overcomes the disease and meets new challenges, which is the philosophy he hopes to convey through his own foundation.

   In 2013, the Abidal Foundation was founded in Barcelona. Adhering to social and humanitarian missions, this non-profit charity communicates values ​​of hard work, perseverance, and teamwork, and is committed to health, sports, and child and youth protection. The foundation leverages the integrated power of sports to support child and adolescent protection programs to eliminate social exclusion by improving living conditions. Another message that Abidal hopes to convey is-never give up, and see every day as a new starting point.

   Fearlessness, transcendence, and entrepreneurship are the characteristics of Zenith, and the values ​​that the brand has cherished for 150 years. Since its founding in 1865, Zenith has supported individuals in different fields to explore and pursue their dreams with innovations in fine watchmaking. Zenith is always ready to meet challenges, whether from land, sea, air or even space. Technological progress, competitive sports, or personal development, no matter what the field, the challenge is, when Zenith is!