Zhou Xun Led The Stars To Shoot Wonderful Short Films And Favorite Movies To Celebrate The Third Anniversary Of Cooperation

Dou Xiao, photographer Wang Yandan, sound engineer Yun Mengyao, and Liu Chang, the journalist. This crew is shooting ‘watchmaker’ Zhou Xun. Reiki Zhou Xun, as the best actress in China, as the international jury of the 5th Beijing International Film Festival, brings a group of film dream chasers, specially shoots chic short films, shows love movies!

   In the short film, why did Zhou Xun choose to play a watchmaker? In her eyes: the vast and interlocking and coordinating projects, creating infinite imagination for each sense, telling stories, dreaming … The most comparable to filmmaking is the art of watchmaking. The magic of movies is that time is condensed into eternity.

In the short film, Meng Yaoyao’s role is a sound engineer

Wang Luodan’s role in the short film is as a lighting engineer

Liu Chang’s role in the short film is the film diary

Dou Xiao’s role in the short film is film photography

   The sound of the movie projector turning people into the light and shadow of the story, ‘What’s your favorite movie? Time is the eternal theme of the movie. If you want to make a film to express time, what is the first picture of your film ‘When did you first come into contact with movies? Where does the movie stand in your mind? What do you think should be best expressed with movies? What do you bring to the audience?
   When filmmakers asked these questions, the love and persistence in their eyes penetrated the lens and hit their hearts. Bewitching words, testimony to dreams, FOR THE LOVE OF CINEMA, love movies, to eternity.